with Aline Lerner

Interviewing engineers is not a solved problem. Quite the opposite–everyone in the software industry will tell you their own personal issues with the hiring process.

One reason that technical interviews have not evolved significantly is the lack of standardized tooling. Some companies give you one phone screen, some give you two. Some companies have you solve brain teasers (“how many golf balls fit in a school bus”) and some make you fix bugs in their production codebase. During the on-site interview, some companies use whiteboards, some let you use a laptop.

Software companies do so much–they should be outsourcing the things that are not their core competency. Certainly they cannot outsource the entire hiring process–but they can outsource parts of it to a company like

Engineers come to to practice their interview skills, where other engineers from top companies practice with them as an interviewer. When an engineer has practiced interviewing enough, they can use to interview for real with real companies and find a job.

Aline Lerner is the CEO of, and she knows about the software interviewing and recruiting process as much as anyone. After working as an engineer, she started studying recruiting, consulting with top companies to help them improve their process. From her observations, she created In this episode, we dissect the workflow that she created for engineers to improve at interviewing and find jobs, and also explore the insights that led her to starting


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