Paweł Borkowski

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Fast Frontend Development with David Hsu

Retool is a platform to help engineers quickly build internal frontends. It does this by abstracting away repetitive aspects of frontend development. The platform was started in 2017 and

Modern Web Scraping with Erez Naveh

Today it’s estimated there are over 1 billion websites on the internet. Much of this content is optimized to be viewed by human eyes, not consumed by machines. However, creating

The Latest on RedwoodJS with Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner is a renowned software developer, inventor and entrepreneur. He co-founded GitHub and is the creator of the avatar service Gravatar, the TOML configuration file

Expanding B2B Payments with Sohil Pandya

The Buy Now, Pay Later model, or BNPL, is traditionally a business-to-consumer model that is gaining traction in the business-to-business domain. Adoption of BNPL in business-to-business

SDKs for your API with Sagar Batchu

APIs are ubiquitous and critical to building modern software, and developers must frequently develop custom APIs to streamline user access to their services. However, making an API that