Fast Frontend Development with David Hsu

Retool is a platform to help engineers quickly build internal frontends. It does this by abstracting away repetitive aspects of frontend development. The platform was started in 2017 and has received funding from Sequoia, Stripe Co-Founders, and Nat Friedman.

David Hsu is the founder and CEO of Retool. He joins the show to talk about why he started coding, studying philosophy and computer science, Retool’s tech stack, and more.

Paweł is the founder at the world’s first ‘flatverse’ start-up and, an AI-powered language learning app. Pawel’s background is as a full-stack software engineer with a lean and experimental approach towards product development. With a strong grounding in computing science, he spent the last decade getting early-stage products off the ground – both in startup and corporate settings. Follow Paweł on Twitter, LinkedIn and his personal website –

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Are you still using .env files to manage your secrets? Secrets are essential for integrating your infrastructure with databases and SaaS services, but now there’s a better way to manage them.

Doppler is a developer-first platform that simplifies your secrets management workflow and helps you move beyond .env files. It allows you to securely store and easily access your secrets, eliminating the risk of human error and unauthorized access.

Doppler integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and dev environment, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time. Plus, with role-based access control and detailed audit logs, you can ensure your secrets are always under control.

Get started with Doppler today and experience the future of secrets management. Visit for a demo and see how Doppler can revolutionize your development process.

WorkOS is a modern identity platform built for B2B SaaS, providing a quicker path to land enterprise deals.

It provides flexible APIs for authentication, user identity, and complex features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

It’s a drop-in replacement for Auth0 (auth-zero) and supports up to 1 million monthly active users for free. Today, hundreds of high-growth scale-ups are already powered by WorkOS, including ones you probably know, like Vercel, Webflow, Perplexity, and Drata.

Recently, WorkOS announced the acquisition of Warrant, the Fine Grained Authorization service. Warrant’s product is based on a groundbreaking authorization system called Zanzibar, which was originally designed by Google to power Google Docs and YouTube. This enables fast authorization checks at enormous scale while maintaining a flexible model that can be adapted to even the most complex use cases.

If you are currently looking to build Role-Based Access Control or other enterprise features like SAML , SCIM, or user management, check out to get started for free.

Do you love classic console video games but don’t like paying unfair prices? Video game Marketplace makes it easy to browse entire video game console libraries and then buy games directly from individual sellers with no extra fees.

Looking for a sealed copy of your favorite game? Or just trying to collect all the games in an obscure RPG series? Maybe you just want a cheap, used copy of a classic platforming or fighting game? Go to to shop for retro console games and find the lowest prices online.

VG Marketplace makes it fun to hunt for the classics you know and love, and those rare hidden gems you’ve always wanted. Check out

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