Census: Data Accessibility with Boris Jabes

A data warehouse is a data management system that often contains large amounts of historical data and is used for business intelligence activities like analytics. It centralizes customer data from multiple sources to be an organization’s single source of truth. Getting the data from your data warehouse into the different applications used by your organization can be difficult. 

The company Census simplifies syncing your data warehouse with other applications. Census works on top of existing infrastructure and lets users pick destinations apps, map the data, and then handles maintaining live, in sync metrics. Because Census runs inside your data warehouse, data remains secure and is never stored on their servers. 

In today’s episode we speak with Boris Jabes, CEO of Census. Boris was previously a managing partner at Polynome and a Senior Director at LogMeln. We discuss the complexity of data warehouses, how the field of data analytics has grown over the years, and how Census makes data accessibility easy and secure.

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