Equinix Metal with Nicole Hubbard

A major change in the software industry is the expectation of automation. The infrastructure for deploying code, hosting it, and monitoring it is now being viewed as a fully automatable substrate. Equinix Metal has taken the bare metal servers that you would see in data centers and fitted them with supreme automation and repeatability. This movement to modern metal-as-a-service has brought with it specialty hardware configurations and options for customizability for cloud native applications.

Equinix has the largest collection of interconnected data centers in the world. Their existing networking capabilities bring an interconnectivity to its bare metal product that enables global scale. Their server plans are high-performing, secure, agile, and have flexible pricing plans. They are also extremely customizable to fit unique use-cases and were designed for an automated devOps experience.

Nicole Hubbard is a principal engineer in the Equinix Metal delivery team. Nicole was involved in building a world class cloud control panel on Kubernetes, running atop Flatcar Linux, to solve the security and scalability of a control plane for the Metal platform. She has been greatly involved in the success of Equinix Metal so far and is here to tell us more about it.

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