Sym: Security Workflows with Yasyf Mohamedali

Security is more important than ever, especially in regulated fields such as healthcare and financial services. Developers working in highly regulated industries often spend considerable time building tooling to help improve compliance and pass security audits. While the core of many security workflows is similar, each industry and each organization may have its own idiosyncratic needs or particular regulatory requirements to meet.

Sym is a platform for building security workflows that seeks to build on those core similarities while empowering developers with the tools they need to meet their application’s unique security and compliance needs. Sym believes in putting engineers in control of security, in the same way that DevOps put engineers in control of infrastructure. 

Yasyf Mohamedali is the CEO and co-founder of SymOps. Before SymOps, he was the CTO of Karuna Health. He joins the show today to talk about security and innovation in regulated industries and how Sym can help developers close the intent-to-implementation gap in application security.

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