Static Analysis for Infrastructure with Guy Eisenkot

Infrastructure-as-code tools are used to define the architecture of software systems. Common infrastructure-as-code tools include Terraform and AWS CloudFormation.  When infrastructure is defined as code, we can use static analysis tools to analyze that code for configuration mistakes, just as we could analyze a programming language with traditional static analysis tools.

When a developer writes a program, that developer might use static analysis to parse a program for common mistakes–memory leaks, potential null pointers, and security holes. The concept of static analysis can be extended to infrastructure as code, allowing for the discovery of higher level problems such as insecure policies across cloud resources.

Guy Eisenkot is an engineer with Bridgecrew, a company that makes static analysis tools for security and compliance. Guy joins the show to talk about cloud security and how static analysis can be used to improve the quality of infrastructure deployments.

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