Advanced Redis with Alvin Richards

Redis is an in-memory object storage system that is commonly used as a cache for web applications. This core primitive of in-memory object storage has created a larger ecosystem encompassing a broad set of tools. Redis is also used for creating objects such as queues, streams, and probabilistic data structures.

Machine learning systems also need access to fast, in-memory object storage. RedisAI is a newer module for supporting machine learning tasks. For serverless computing, RedisGears allows for the execution of functions close to your Redis instance. RedisEdge allows for edge computing with Redis.

Alvin Richards returns to the show to discuss the expansion of Redis to becoming a broad suite of in-memory tools, as well as the resiliency properties of Redis and usage patterns for the tool. RedisLabs is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily, and RedisConf is a virtual conference around Redis that runs May 12-13. If you are interested in Redis, you can check out RedisConf for free by going to

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