Infrastructure Management with Joey Parsons

At Airbnb, infrastructure management is standardized across the organization. Platform engineering teams build tools that allow the other teams throughout the organization to work more effectively. A platform engineering team handles problems such as continuous integration, observability, and service discovery.

Other teams throughout a company use the tools that a platform engineering team builds. For example, there is a team at Airbnb that builds the search and discovery system that is used by customers who are looking for a place to stay. That team does not want to have to worry about how they are deploying, how their service is being logged, and how to scale up. All of that should be taken care of by the platform engineering team.

At a large company like Airbnb, there is so much happening across the infrastructure. Services are being deployed, services are having outages, databases are being resharded. With all of this change occurring, it can be difficult for a team to pinpoint the cause of a service outage. Digging through logs and dashboards is often insufficient.

Joey Parsons is the founder of Effx, a company that is building a platform for observing and managing the changes across the infrastructure. Effx is like a newsfeed for a service. An application instrumented with Effx gives the engineers a single endpoint that they can navigate to for understanding the history of their service.

Joey joins the show to talk about his experience as an infrastructure engineer at Airbnb, and how that experience informs the work of his new company, Effx.

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