Indie Hackers (3 Years Later) with Courtland Allen

Indie Hackers is a platform for independent software businesses to discuss strategy and find inspiration. Courtland Allen founded Indie Hackers with the goal of sharing the stories of these businesses, and the company has become a thriving community of entrepreneurs, engineers, and creators.

Business is a creative medium. The definition of a successful business is as subjective as the rules for what makes a successful work of art. A business owner can be miserable running a company that generates millions of dollars a year, and a new entrepreneur can feel ecstatic from making their first $5 sale.

Indie Hackers is a platform that is impossible to define in relation to things you have seen before. It is a media company with a podcast that most SE Daily listeners will probably enjoy. It is a social platform for learning how modern software companies are built. And it is a place where makers post their own progress on their creative projects (I have posted mine here).

Courtland was on the show three years ago to discuss the Indie Hackers movement in its nascent stages. Courtland returns to the show to discuss the thriving platform as it exists today, and a wide ranging conversation about software, game theory, and podcasting.

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