Service Mesh Deployment with Varun Talwar

The service mesh abstraction allows for a consistent model for managing and monitoring the different components of a microservices architecture. 

In the service mesh pattern, each service is deployed with a sidecar container that contains a service proxy. These sidecars are collectively referred to as the “data plane.” Each sidecar provides the service that it is deployed next to with a set of features such as security policy, rate limiting, and monitoring instrumentation.

The sidecars in the data plane communicate with a central module called a control plane. In the control plane, an engineer can operate across these individual services at scale, by pushing out updates to them.

Kubernetes has made it easier to manage large fleets of microservices, and has led to wider adoption of service mesh. Istio is one of the most popular service mesh products. In today’s show, Varun Talwar returns to the show to describe the state of the Istio project and the process of deploying Istio to a cluster. Varun is the CEO of Tetrate, a company building an enterprise-ready service mesh. Prior to Tetrate, Varun was at Google, where he helped found the gRPC and Istio projects.

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