Digital Transformation: Capital One with Hillary McTigue

Cloud computing, open source, and mobile computing are trends that affect every organization. When a large organization adapts to these trends, it is commonly referred to as a “digital transformation”.

Digital transformation causes many companies to reframe their business as a software company. A candy manufacturer now must think of itself as a software company that makes candy. An insurance company must now think of itself as a software company that issues insurance.

Capital One is a bank that was started in 1988. Capital One has always had an emphasis on software, but the company’s digital transformation has affected it as much any other company. The company is migrating to the cloud, building out microservices, rolling out continuous delivery pipelines, and shifting the internal culture to be more adept at using software.

Hillary McTigue is a senior director of data engineering at Capital One. She joins the show to discuss her experience implementing a digital transformation within a large company. Subjects we discuss include culture, management strategy, and the sequencing of different phases of a digital transformation.

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