Chrome and Chromium with David Bokan

Chromium is an open source browser that shares code with the Chrome browser from Google. A browser is a large piece of software, with engineering challenges around threading, rendering, resource management, and networking. To add to the complexity, Chrome runs on iOS, Android, MacOSX, Windows, and other platforms.

Chrome OS is an operating system based on Chrome. There is also Chromium OS, the open source version of Chrome OS. The Chrome/Chromium operating systems are based off of Linux.

Through this entire episode, the line between browser and operating system is blurry. There is so much resource management involved in the Chrome browser that it has its own task manager. For many people (including myself) the browser is the main application you are interfacing with throughout the day. It handles all of your business applications. Even many of your desktop apps, such as Slack, are running on Electron, which is a framework for building cross-platform apps that uses Chromium.

David Bokan is an engineer on the Chromium team at Google, and he joins the show to describe the engineering of Chrome and the development and release process. David also gives his thoughts on future developments for browsers, apps, and the Internet.


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