Database Reliability Engineering with Laine Campbell

Over the last decade, cloud computing made it easier to programmatically define what infrastructure we have running, and perform operations across that infrastructure. This is called “infrastructure as code.” Whether you want to backup a database, deploy a new version of a service, or introduce a new tier of load balancers, the changes that we make across our infrastructure can be done programmatically, instead of through a series of manual steps.

As infrastructure got turned into code, operations people started working more like developers, and developers began to do the work of operations–a convergence known as “devops.” At Google, this “devops” movement was manifested in a role called “site reliability engineer.” In previous shows, we have explored site reliability engineering culture.

Laine Campbell is a senior VP of engineering at Fastly, and the author of the book Database Reliability Engineering. In this book, Laine describes how the ideas of site reliability engineering can be extended to databases. Laine joins the show to discuss the book, and how engineering teams can build effective workflows around databases.


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