Epicenter Cryptocurrencies with Brian Fabian Crain

Podcasting about cryptocurrencies is a strange occupation. You get emails all the time from companies doing a token sale that you would never want to be affiliated with. You get angry tweets from anonymous Twitter accounts that are on one side of the Bitcoin scaling debate. You get to interview extreme personalities, and the technical discussions can be highly educational.

Brian Fabian Crain started the Epicenter podcast four years ago. Podcasting about cryptocurrencies allows a podcaster to report on a wide range of areas: economics, software, philosophy–and the stories within the blockchain world itself. Epicenter is one of my favorite podcasts about cryptocurrencies because Brian is always prepared enough to ask sophisticated questions.

In this episode, we talked about ICOs–when does an ICO make sense? It seems that many token economies could function just as well without a token involved. We discussed the scaling approaches of Bitcoin and Ethereum–why are these two blockchains taking very different approaches to their scaling plans? And we talked about Chorus, the company that Brian founded to build infrastructure for proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies.

I enjoyed talking to Brian about all these different subjects, and look forward to having him on again in the future.


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