Keybase Architecture / Clarifai Infrastructure Meetup Talks

Keybase is a platform for managing public key infrastructure. Keybase’s products simplify the complicated process of associating your identity with a public key. Keybase is the subject of the first half of today’s show. Michael Maxim, an engineer from Keybase gives an overview of how the technology works and what kinds of applications Keybase unlocks.

The second half of today’s show is about Clarifai. Clarifai is an AI platform that provides image recognition APIs as a service. Habib Talavati explains how Clarifai’s infrastructure processes requests, and the opportunities for improving the efficiency of that infrastructure.

Last month, we had three Software Engineering Daily Meetups: in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. At each of these Meetups, listeners from the SE Daily community got to meet each other and talk about software–what they are building and what they are excited about. I was happy to be in attendance at each of these, and I am posting the talks given by our presenters. The audio quality is not perfect on these, but there are also no ads.

Thanks to Datadog for graciously providing a space for our Meetup, and for being a sponsor of SE Daily. You can sign up for Datadog and get a free t-shirt by going to

We’d love to have you as part of our community. We will have more Meetups eventually, and you can be notified of these by signing up for our newsletter. Come to and get involved with the discussion of episodes and software projects. You can also check out our open source projects–the mobile apps, and our website.


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