Smart Contracts with Raine Revere

Smart contracts are programs that run on the Ethereum blockchain. A smart contract developer pays Ether to deploy the contract. When a contract is deployed, every full node on the Ethereum blockchain has a copy of the contract code in that node’s address space.

Every full node needs to hold a copy of every smart contract. This allows every full node to process every call to any smart contract. If you want to call a smart contract, that contract will execute on every full node.

When you call a smart contract, you are initiating a transaction. Like Bitcoin transactions, these Ethereum transactions get batched into blocks. Ethereum full nodes compete to solve the cryptographic puzzle associated with a block. But instead of mere financial transactions, these are computational transactions.

Raine Revere is a smart contract engineer and cofounder at Maiden and she joins the show to describe smart contract creation and deployment. It’s a great introduction to some Ethereum fundamentals.

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