Developer Stereotypes with Sue Loh

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Sue Loh is a software engineer and author of a book with the goal of breaking developer stereotypes. Stereotyping among developers leads to bad outcomes. When incorrect assumptions are made about certain populations, those populations feel marginalized and engineering resources get misallocated.

From the perspective of Sue, the main problem is about how children are socialized. Young girls in particular are discouraged from programming, leading to a steady decline in the percentage of women in the computing workforce. With her book, Sue is hoping to create a piece of literature that will expose young female and minority students to the world of technology, and help them realize how cool engineering can be. Sue created a Kickstarter around her book and has raised more than $40,000.

Sue also describes her experiences as an engineer who has risen through the ranks at Microsoft, and how her perspective on engineering has evolved as she has become a principal engineer. For more information about her project, see http://EvilPlanToSaveThe.World


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