Data Science Mindset with Zacharias Voulgaris

A company’s approach to data can make or break the business.

In the past, data was static. There was not much data, it sat in Excel, and it was interacted with on a nightly or monthly basis. Now, data is dynamic, real time and huge. To tap into available data, many industries have oriented themselves to becoming data intensive. With many new industry sectors becoming data driven, a new field called data science emerged.

As a new field, data science has attracted a lot of attention from professionals with diverse backgrounds. Describing what is data science and who is a data scientist is not easy. As technologies surrounding the field continue to evolve and new verticals are added, the discourse surrounding the field has attracted different voices putting forward their definition of the field.

In this episode, Zacharias Voulgaris joins guest host Sid Ramesh to discuss the developments in the field. Zacharias is CTO at Data Science Partnership, a startup in the UK. He is the author of several data science books, and in today’s conversation, Zacharias explains what he means by the data science mindset–including trends and misconceptions that people have on the field.  


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