Digital Ownership with Chris Groskopf

When you purchase an ebook you must agree to the Terms of Service that tell you what you can do with it. What is actually in that terms of service? What are you agreeing to when you buy an ebook? The answers might surprise you.

In this episode, Srini Kadamati interviews Chris Groskopf  on how the rise of digital products has eroded the idea of traditional ownership. They discuss digital ownership from the point of view of the legal system, consumers, and the companies creating these products.

Chris Groskopf is a data journalist who uses data, graphics, and storytelling to build compelling news experiences. He’s worked on multiple pioneering teams at organizations like the Chicago Tribune and NPR. He’s currently the first data editor at Quartz, a digital-first Atlantic Media publication, where he’s written about how complex systems like the stock market fail and how most of the world’s art is locked away in museums. Outside of journalism, he’s created multiple Python data libraries, like agate, proof, and csvkit.

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