Cloud Native Investing with Lenny Pruss

Making the right engineering choices in today’s wide landscape of cloud technologies is hard. Predicting the future in order to invest in companies in this space has the same level of complexity.

The cost of cloud computing is going down but the volume of total required space and processing power is going up. The open source community is growing and improving but people are increasingly willing to buy software that will save them time.

Capital is flowing into Silicon Valley at a faster rate than can be sensibly absorbed by the number of quality companies. A decent product won’t have trouble raising money. But a decent investor has to choose wisely among the huge selection of available opportunities.

Lenny Pruss works at Amplify Partners where he is currently focused on the cloud native space. In this episode, we talk about what cloud native means and how to navigate the complex landscape, whether you are an engineer or an investor.

Show Notes

Cloud Native Landscape Project


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