Container Management with Alexis Richardson

Twenty years ago, Bill Joy talked about the eight fallacies of distributed computing–these are things such as “the network is reliable”, and “latency is zero”, and “bandwidth is infinite”, and these fallacies are even more relevant today. With the popularity of Docker containers, the networks of distributed systems that we deal with have become even more complex, and with this growing complexity comes new problems and new fallacies.
WeaveWorks is a company building a simple, reliable way to manage containers and microservices. The CEO of Alexis Richardson joins the show today to discuss how Weave uses convergent replicated data types to manage distributed systems. The use of the CRDT data structure is in contrast to the use of Paxos or Raft to algorithmically manage our distributed systems. Our conversation also touches on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which is similar to the Apache Foundation, but for cloud native application technologies.


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