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“Our justice system in general – even if you look at things like our regulatory system, our patent system – I think it has a very hard time keeping up with the current pace of technology.”

Microsoft and Amazon are the tech giants of the Pacific Northwest. These two companies shape Seattle technology, and Todd Bishop has been writing about them for over a decade. Todd is the co-founder of GeekWire, an online media company focused on technology in the Pacific Northwest. We talk about the past and present of Microsoft and Amazon, what it means for an engineering company to be good or evil, and what it’s like to be a software journalist.


  • Was there ever a point where there was a big engineering drain from Microsoft to Amazon?
  • How do the cultures of the two companies compare and contrast?
  • Do traditional media outlets have a bias against big tech companies?
  • What do you think about Facebook’s Free Basics controversy?
  • Do people take too hardline of an approach when it comes to Net Neutrality?
  • Will Uber have to face a regulatory court battle in the future?
  • Is it difficult to balance growing Geekwire while also maintaining journalistic integrity?


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