Scaling Uber with Matt Ranney



“If you can make a system that can survive this random failure testing, then you will more or likely survive whatever other chaotic conditions exist.”

Uber is a transportation and logistics company that manages many aspects of its ride-sharing services through mobile apps and distributed technology. Uber faces unique challenges in rapidly scaling its services internationally, and at one point increased its developer headcount from 200 to over 1000 in less than a year.

Matt Ranney is the Chief Systems Architect at Uber and was previously a founder and CTO of Voxer. At QCon San Francisco, he gave a talk called Scaling Uber.


  • How did technical debt accumulate at Uber in the first five years?
  • Why do microservices offer a strategy to help alleviate technical debt?
  • Could you discuss immutable infrastructure?
  • What is Ringpop, and how does it help maintain state?
  • What are the service discovery problems you’ve had while scaling?
  • How have you “embraced the chaos” recently?


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