Episode 100 with Pranay Mohan


“Software is this really unique field that is growing so rapidly that people are almost forced to specialize into one subdomain – and that kind of stratification is good for your job and for your employers, but it’s not necessarily good for you as an individual trying to grow in the field of software.”

This is episode 100 of Software Engineering Daily, and is a behind the scenes episode on the show that explores the challenges and motivations behind building a daily software podcast.

Pranay Mohan is the Producer of Software Engineering Daily.


  • What is the goal of Software Engineering Daily?
  • Why did you start working on Software Engineering Daily?
  • What is your background – what did you study?
  • Where do you stand on the debate of college versus coding bootcamps?
  • What is keeping Software Engineering Daily from being a go-to podcast for software engineers?
  • What is your favorite episode?
  • How have we made mistakes while working on Software Engineering Daily?


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