Caml with Gérard Huet


“It was claimed that these [object-oriented] languages were better for modularity – and I don’t believe so.”

Caml is a functional programming language that is a dialect of the ML programming language family, developed at INRIA and formerly at ENS.

Gérard Huet is a senior researcher at INRIA, the French Institute for Research and Automation. He helped develop the Caml programming language in the 80s, and has a variety of other accomplishments in the world of computer science, including developing the Coq Proof Assistant System.


  • What is ML?
  • Why was LISP so popular?
  • What was the purpose of proof assistants?
  • The first implementation of Caml appeared in 1987. What was the spec for the language?
  • What new features did Objective Caml (OCaml) bring to the language?
  • What are the numerical humanities?


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