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Going Open Source at Convex with James Cowling

Convex is a serverless backend platform to simplify fullstack application development. Its underlying database is written in Rust, and it uses TypeScript to integrate with reactive UI

SimpleWebAuthn with Matthew Miller

SimpleWebAuthn is an open source TypeScript-centric pair of libraries – frontend and backend – that make it easier for devs to implement WebAuthn on the web. Matthew Miller

Netflix UIs at Scale with Shaundai Person

Netflix needs no introduction and is renowned for its engineering talent. Shaundai Person is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, blogger, and conference speaker. She joins the show

Building a State Machine Backend with Adam Berger

When Adam Berger was at Uber, his team was responsible for ensuring that Uber Eats merchants correctly receive and fulfill orders. This required them to think hard about engineering

GitBook with Addison Schultz

 Documentation is something that everyone knows is important but it’s often difficult to get right. On software teams, good documentation can help to onboard new people, improve