Going Open Source at Convex with James Cowling

Convex is a serverless backend platform to simplify fullstack application development. Its underlying database is written in Rust, and it uses TypeScript to integrate with reactive UI frameworks.

The platform is growing, which has presented new reasons to make the code open source, and Convex recently released the source code for a self-managed version of their platform.

The question of whether or not to open source is one that many companies consider. We were curious to explore the decision making landscape around open sourcing, and today are speaking with James Cowling, the Co-Founder and CTO at Convex.

James joins the show to talk about prioritizing developer experience, the choice to open-source, risks of open sourcing, software licenses, and much more.

Full Disclosure: This episode is sponsored by Convex.

Gregor Vand is a security-focused technologist, and is the founder and CTO of Mailpass. Previously, Gregor was a CTO across cybersecurity, cyber insurance and general software engineering companies. He has been based in Asia Pacific for almost a decade and can be found via his profile at vand.hk.


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