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DAO Reflections and Slock.it with Christoph Jentzsch

The DAO was a system of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain that investors put millions of dollars into. Back in May 2016, it was the largest crowdfunding event in history, and we

QA Testing with Jonathan Alexander

Quality assurance testing is a form of testing that closely mirrors user behavior. Sometimes it is manual, sometimes it is automated. Automated QA tests are scripts that validate correct

Search as a Service with Julien Lemoine

“You need to build more things yourself to be highly available, but one of the very good consequences of being bare metal is that the prices are very low compared to what you could get

Continuous Delivery and Test Automation with Flo Motlik

“It’s Friday night and you’re basically out of the office on your way to meet with friends. And you just merge this thing and put it into production because you have that trust
continuous delivery and test automation

Engineering at Quora with Shreyes Seshasai

“If an engineer is doing something repeatedly over and over again, their mind is immediately going to jump to that place where it’s like ‘Okay how can I make this faster?’ or
Quora Engineering