QA Testing with Jonathan Alexander

Quality assurance testing is a form of testing that closely mirrors user behavior. Sometimes it is manual, sometimes it is automated. Automated QA tests are scripts that validate correct data representation as the application mechanically runs through high-level workflows–like a login page. Manual QA testers act out use cases of an application to see if there are any bugs that were missed during automated test cases. Manual QA testing is often necessary for complex applications where it is not possible to enumerate all potential workflows within a script.

Different companies have radically different workflows for QA testing. There are a variety of ticketing systems, testing frameworks, and team chat applications that play a role in a tester’s daily life. QASymphony is a platform for testing tools that integrates with other popular technologies to centralize a QA testing workflow.

Jonathan Alexander is the CTO at QASymphony. He’s also the author of Codermetrics: Analytics for Improving Software Teams. He joins the show to discuss the past and present of QA and his strategies for managing the team that is building QASymphony. Thanks to Kevin Wolf for the intro.


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