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Stripe Engineering with Raylene Yung

Stripe is a payments API that allows merchants to transact online. Since the creation of the payments API, Stripe has expanded into adjacent services such as fraud detection, business

Profilers with Julia Evans

When software is performing suboptimally, the programmer can use a variety of tools to diagnose problems and improve the quality of the code. A profiler is a tool for examining where a

Stripe Observability Pipeline with Cory Watson

Stripe processes payments for thousands of businesses. A single payment could involve 10 different networked services. If a payment fails, engineers need to be able to diagnose what

Stripe Machine Learning with Michael Manapat

Every company that deals with payments deals with fraud. The question is not whether fraud will occur on your system, but rather how much of it you can detect and prevent. If a payments

Stripe Infrastructure with Evan Broder

If you are building a service that processes payments, your software architecture has a lot of requirements. Not only do you need to be highly available, consistent, and fast–you