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Stream Processing at Uber with Danny Yuan

“Be aggressive in vision, but conservative in operation.” Uber is a transportation company with a high volume of temporal spacial data, constantly being collected from the devices of

Alluxio and Memory-centric Distributed Storage with Haoyuan Li

“Its not really about removing disk from the picture per se – it’s more like saying, ‘how do we leverage more and more resources from DRAM?’ ” Memory is king. The cost of

FiloDB with Evan Chan

“The world is becoming more and more interactive, and people want answers right away, so you’re seeing the rise of stream processing and real-time.” Big data is

Computational Neuroscience with Jeremy Freeman

“You want to take a scientist who knows a little bit of matlab programming and try to teach them mapreduce, and write a mapreduce program in java to do image processing? It’s a

Benchmarking Stream Processing Frameworks with Bobby Evans

“Benchmarks are all crap, but there are some benchmarks that are better than others.” Continue reading…
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