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Affirm Engineering with Libor Michalek

When I buy a mattress online, I pay for it with my credit card. Behind the scenes, a complex series of transactions occur between a payment gateway, the credit card company, and a few

Bitcoin: Fundamental Answers

Bitcoin was underestimated at the start of the week: “Bitcoin” is the naive marketing envoy, the minimum viable decentralized application, the introductory transaction vehicle for

Ripple with Greg Kidd

Ripple is a real-time settlement system, currency exchange, and remittance network by Ripple Labs. Greg Kidd is an advisor to Ripple Labs and Chief Risk Officer at Shift Payments.

Payments Engineering with Faisal Khan

Mobile phones, underserved markets, and Bitcoin have created a wealth of new financial technology businesses.   Faisal Khan is a banking, payments, and fintech consultant with a