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VMware’s Spring AI with Ryan Morgan and Mark Pollack

Java is one of the top programming languages used today and Java code is ubiquitous. A key factor to the overall success of Java is the Spring framework, which is the most common

Iceberg at Netflix and Beyond with Ryan Blue

Apache Iceberg is an open source high-performance format for huge data tables. Iceberg enables the use of SQL tables for big data, while making it possible for engines like Spark and

The Godot Game Engine with Emilio Coppola

A game engine is a system used to build and run games. Game engines let the programmer work at a high level of abstraction by providing interfaces for graphics, physics, and scripting.

Mastodon with Eugen Rochko

Mastodon is an open source, decentralized social network. Eugen Rochko started building Mastodon in response to his dissatisfaction with centralized social networks like Facebook and

Vercel AI with Lee Robinson

Vercel provides a cloud platform to rapidly deploy web projects, and they develop the highly successful Next.js framework. The company recently made headlines when they announced v0