VMware’s Spring AI with Ryan Morgan and Mark Pollack

Java is one of the top programming languages used today and Java code is ubiquitous. A key factor to the overall success of Java is the Spring framework, which is the most common framework for Java development.

Spring is an open-source comprehensive application framework on top of the Java Virtual Machine that provides a consistent programming and configuration model.

Ryan Morgan is a Senior Director and Mark Pollack is a Senior Staff Engineer at VMware Tanzu, a division of Broadcom. They join the show to talk about the origins of Spring, the problems it solves, building APIs for AI models in Java, and much more.

Full Disclosure: This episode is sponsored by VMware.

This episode is hosted by Lee Atchison. Lee Atchison is a software architect, author, and thought leader on cloud computing and application modernization. His best-selling book, Architecting for Scale (O’Reilly Media), is an essential resource for technical teams looking to maintain high availability and manage risk in their cloud environments.

Lee is the host of his podcast, Modern Digital Business, an engaging and informative podcast produced for people looking to build and grow their digital business with the help of modern applications and processes developed for today’s fast-moving business environment. Listen at mdb.fm. Follow Lee at softwarearchitectureinsights.com, and see all his content at leeatchison.com.


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