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Scalable Multiplayer Games with Yan Cui

Remember when the best game you could play on your phone was Snake? In 1998, Snake was preloaded on Nokia phones, and it was massively popular. That same year Half-Life won game of the

Internet Monitoring with Matt Kraning

How would you build a system for indexing and monitoring the entire Internet? Start by breaking the Internet up into IP address ranges. Give each of those address ranges to servers

Video Infrastructure with Matt McClure and Jon Dahl

Playing a video on the Internet seems simple. You press play, the video gets delivered, and boom–you are watching Game of Thrones, right? It’s a bit more complicated. Unless you

Attack Attribution with John Davis

When a cyber attack occurs, how do we identify who committed it? There is no straightforward answer to that question. Even if we know Chinese hackers have infiltrated our power grid with

Open Compute Project with Steve Helvie

Facebook was rapidly outgrowing its infrastructure in 2009. Classic data center design was not up to the task of the rapid influx of new users and data, photos, and streaming video