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Container Networking with Dan Williams

Containers are widely used in projects that have adopted Docker, Kubernetes, or Mesos. Containers allow for better resource isolation and scalability. With all of the adoption of

Backups with Kenny To

Every software company backs up critical data sources. Backing up databases is a common procedure, whether a company is in the cloud or on-prem. Backing up virtual machine instances is

DNS with Phil Stanhope

DNS stands for domain name system. This is the naming system that maps the entire internet. It associates information with domain names. More specifically, DNS specifies mappings between

Failure Injection with Kolton Andrus

Servers in a data center fail. Sometimes entire data centers have a power outage. Bugs in an application make it into production. Human operators make mistakes and cause data to be

Infrastructure with Datanauts’ Chris Wahl and Ethan Banks

Infrastructure is a term that can mean many different things: your physical computer, the data center of your Amazon EC2 cluster, the virtualization layer, the container layer–on