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Streaming Architecture with Ted Dunning

http://traffic.libsyn.com/sedaily/2018_02_19_TedDunning.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Streaming architecture defines how large volumes of data make their way through an organization. Data is created at a user’s smartphone, or on a sensor inside of a conveyor belt at a factory. That data is sent to a set of backend services that aggregate the data, organizing it and making it available to business analysts, application developers, and machine learning algorithms. The

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Streaming Architecture with Tugdual Grall

http://traffic.libsyn.com/sedaily/2018_02_15_TugdualGraal.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download At a big enough scale, every software product produces lots of data. Whether you are building an advertising technology company, a social network, or a system for IoT devices, you have thousands of events coming in at a fast pace that you want to aggregate, study and act upon. For the last decade, engineers have been learning to store and process these vast

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