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Makerpad: Low Code Tools with Ben Tossell

Low code tools can be used to build an increasing number of applications. Knowledge workers within a large corporation can use low code tools to augment their usage of spreadsheets.

Parabola: No-Code Data Workflows with Alex Yaseen

Every company has a large number of routine data workflows. These data workflows involve spreadsheets, CSV files, and tedious manual work to be done by a knowledge worker.  For example,

Webflow Engineering with Bryant Chou

Webflow is a visual programming tool used by designers, developers, and other technical users. Webflow is a leader in the “low code” or “no code” category of software tools that

Monday: Business Management Software with Eran Zinman

Modern software is built with cloud services, APIs, and other high level tools. Technical software development is moving beyond the realm of writing code. Individuals who do not have a