Parabola: No-Code Data Workflows with Alex Yaseen

Every company has a large number of routine data workflows. These data workflows involve spreadsheets, CSV files, and tedious manual work to be done by a knowledge worker. 

For example, data might need to be taken from Salesforce, filtered for new customers, and piped into Mailchimp. Or perhaps you need to sort all your customers to find only the ones who have spent more than $50.

These data workflows might require some basic knowledge of SQL, or an understanding of how to make an API request. Not everyone knows how to execute these technical commands. A software company can be slowed down due to a shortage of technical analysts who have the necessary programming skills to build these data workflows.

Parabola is a low-code tool for building data workflows. Parabola lets the user drag and drop different components together to build an application without using a programming language. Parabola lowers the technical barrier for knowledge workers who want to build these kinds of data workflows. Alex Yaseen is the CEO of Parabola, and he joins the show to talk about the ideas behind Parabola and his goals with the company. 

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