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Bypassing Serverless Challenges with Webiny Serverless Application Framework

Serverless computing has been a major milestone ever since the 20th century when “cloud computing” became a term in a Compaq internal document. The idea that infrastructure could be

Dgraph: Native GraphQL Database with Manish Jain

GraphQL has changed the common design patterns for the interface between backend and frontend. This is usually achieved by the presence of a GraphQL server, which interprets and

Facebook GraphQL with Lee Byron (Repeat)

Originally published July 19, 2019 In 2011, Facebook had begun to focus its efforts on mobile development. Mobile phones did not have access to reliable, high bandwidth connections, and

Modern Front End: React, GraphQL, VR, WebAssembly with Adam Conrad (Repeat)

Originally published December 20, 2018 Ten years ago, there was a distinction between “backend” and “frontend” developers. A backend developer would be managing the business

GraphQL at Github with Marc-Andre Giroux

GitHub manages a large API surface for both internal and external developers. This API surface has been migrated from purely RESTful requests to GraphQL. GraphQL is a newer request