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Istio Routing Basics

This post was originally written by Mete Atamel. Reposted with permission. When learning a new technology like Istio, it’s always a good idea to take a look at sample apps. Istio repo

Building a Serverless End-to-End Solution for Brand Detection in Video

This article was originally written by Juri Sarbach on Medium. Reposted with permission. Some time ago, we were asked by a client to help them on the technical implementation of a

12 Factor Applications with GatsbyJS

This article was originally written by Scott Taylor on Medium. Reposted with permission. GatsbyJS is great for generating static sites. If you are not familiar with the concept: a

Cloud Cost Optimization

This post is sponsored by DoiT International. Utilizing the cloud in your business or application is a requirement in today’s tech environment. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

Apache Beam with Frances Perry

Unbounded data streams create difficult challenges for our application architectures. The data never stops coming, and we are forced to assume that we will never know if or when we have