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Cloud Dependencies with Mya Pitzeruse

New software abstractions always take advantage of the abstractions that have been built before. Software libraries allow us to import code that sits on the same host as a new program.

JavaScript Jabber with Jeff Meyerson

Host: Charles Max Wood of JavaScript Jabber Joined by Special Guest: Jeffrey Meyerson Jeffrey Meyerson, founder of FindCollabs and host at Software Engineering Daily joins Charles

FindCollabs Hackathon Winners: Kitspace and Rivaly

FindCollabs is a platform for finding collaborators and building projects. Three months ago we had our first hackathon, with lots of projects being created and collaborated on. In an

Augmented Reality Gaming with Tony Godar

Augmented reality applications can be used on smartphones and dedicated AR headsets. On smartphones, ARCore (Google) and ARKit (Apple) allow developers to build for the camera on a

Winning Isn’t the Only Way to Win

But winning can be quite nice, too. You’d think that even in Silicon Valley, five thousand dollars ($4000 for top project, $1000 for second) would be motivating, but at the FindCollabs