edge computing

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Netlify and Edge Computing with Erica Pisani

Netlify is a popular hosting platform that provides build, deploy, and serverless backend services for web apps. The platform enables deployment directly from source files stored in a

Couchbase Architecture with Ravi Mayuram

Couchbase is a distributed NoSQL cloud database. Since its creation, Couchbase has expanded into edge computing, application services, and most recently a database-as-a-service called

Serverless Revolution with Tyler McMullen

Serverless has grown in popularity over the last five years, and the space of applications that can be built entirely with serverless has increased dramatically. This is due to two

Advanced Redis with Alvin Richards

Redis is an in-memory object storage system that is commonly used as a cache for web applications. This core primitive of in-memory object storage has created a larger ecosystem

Edge Computing Platform with Jaromir Coufal

Edge computing is the usage of servers that are geographically close to the client device. The first common use case for edge computing was CDNs: content-delivery networks. A content