Distributed Systems

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Netflix Scheduling with Sharma Podila

  At Netflix, developers write applications with a variety of requirements–from simple requests for a list of movies to more resource-intensive requests like a complex machine

Slack’s Architecture with Keith Adams

Slack is a chat application that is rapidly growing in popularity. The focus of Slack is to create a polished, responsive tool for productivity that cuts down on the emailing, context

Uber’s Postgres Problems with Evan Klitzke

When a company switches the relational database it uses, you wouldn’t expect the news of the switch to go viral. Most engineers are not interested in the subtle differences between

Relational Databases with Craig Kerstiens

Relational databases are used by most applications. MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, and other products implement the core features of a relational database in different ways. A

CoreOS with Brandon Philips

Google’s infrastructure has been the source inspiration for research papers, software projects, and entire companies. Google pioneered the idea that we care less about the individual