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ChatOps with Jason Hand

Chat bots are your newest co-worker. Slack, HipChat, and other chat clients allow developers and other team members to communicate more dynamically than the limits of email. Companies

DevOps Handbook with Gene Kim

The intent of the DevOps movement is to get organizations moving faster and more effectively by breaking down siloes, and improving communication. Gene Kim’s book The Phoenix Project

The Art of Monitoring with James Turnbull

Monitoring translates machine data into actionable business metrics, and is a key component of a modern software company. James Turnbull’s new book “The Art of Monitoring”

Secret Management and Vault with Hashicorp’s Seth Vargo

Every software application has secrets. User passwords and database credentials must be managed carefully, because poor access controls can lead to disaster scenarios. Vault is a tool

Logging and NoOps with Christian Beedgen

“You write the code, but you don’t run it? That’s just preposterous.” Software applications are constantly generating logs. These logs are necessary to understand how an