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Datadog with Omri Sass and Hugo Kaczmarek

Modern business applications are complex.  It’s not enough to have raw logs or some basic telemetry.  Today’s enterprise organizations require an application performance

How To Remove the Observability Silos Between Frontend and Backend Engineers

For an application engineer encountering a critical user-experience bug happening on a web browser or a mobile app, a Real User Monitoring (RUM) tool is often a key plank of the

Security Monitoring with Marc Tremsal

Logs are the source of truth. If a company is sufficiently instrumented, the logging data that streams off of the internal infrastructure can be refined to tell a comprehensive story for

Web Application Testing with Gabriel-James Safar

Web applications are used on a wide variety of platforms.  On each of these platforms the web app needs to load properly and allow the user to navigate the website and interact with all

Scaling Log Management with Renaud Boutet

Upcoming events: A Conversation with Haseeb Qureshi at Cloudflare on April 3, 2019 FindCollabs Hackathon at App Academy on April 6, 2019 Log management requires the processing and