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Scaling PlanetScale with Sugu Sougoumarane

Database product companies typically have a few phases. First, the company will develop a technology with some kind of innovation such as speed, scalability, or durability. The company

DBT: Data Build Tool with Tristan Handy

Applications write data to persistent storage like a database.  The most popular database query language is SQL which has many similar dialects.  SQL is expressive and powerful for

Druid: Event-Driven Data with Eric Tschetter

Whether sending messages, shopping in an app, or watching videos, modern consumers expect information and responsiveness to be near-instant in their apps and devices. From a

MindsDB: Automated Machine Learning with Jorge Torres

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning in a product or database is traditionally difficult because it involves a lot of manual setup, specialized training, and a clear

Basedash: Low Code Database Editor with Max Musing

Databases are the source of truth for every company. Editing the data in the database normally requires writing a query in SQL or a domain specific querying language–languages that