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Self-Service Data Culture with Stemma’s Mark Grover

A data catalog provides an index into the data sets and schemas of a company.Data teams are growing in size, and more companies than ever have a data team, so the market for data catalog

The Enterprise Data Catalog with Ole Olesen-Bagneux

We do it every day. We search on the internet for some information. Many ask, why is that easy? And yet doing the same thing at my company is hard sometimes, not even possible. And when

Stemma: Understanding Big Data with Mark Grover

Amundsen was started at Lyft and is the leading open-source data catalog with the fastest-growing community and the most integrations. Amundsen enables you to search your entire

Splitgraph: Data Catalog and Proxy with Miles Richardson and Artjoms Iškovs

Data science requires data sets to be cataloged and indexed. The data sets are versioned and might be in CSV files in S3, a database, or another data storage system. Splitgraph allows