The Enterprise Data Catalog with Ole Olesen-Bagneux

We do it every day. We search on the internet for some information. Many ask, why is that easy? And yet doing the same thing at my company is hard sometimes, not even possible. And when you do get the data, it’s unclear where it’s from or the degree you can trust it or use it. In a highly regulated firm, there’s even more pressure to select the best approved version of the information.

Enter the data catalog. Enterprise Data Catalogs are essential for searching for data in an organization. Moreover, their creation, maintenance, and design tap into the most fundamental theories of the philosophy of language and the nature of creating knowledge. Today we are interviewing architect and author Ole Olesen-Bagneux, who is finishing his first O’Reilly published book called Enterprise Data Catalogs. Today, he will explain what a data catalog is, the different ways computer scientists and information scientists think about searching for data versus searching in data, and how thinking about archiving data for a hundred years can help you create the best data catalog for your business today.

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